Rachel : The Underground Fat Loss Manual Has Worked For Me

Three years ago I took out my favorite shirt and tried to wear it but it ripped apart then after wearing a loose dress I went to a party. When I entered my friend’s house I felt suffocated after a while as it was difficult for me to even breathe in my dress, some of my friends also said that I have gained weight. I ignored people’s opinions at that time as they have a habit of passing comments about your physique and appearance.

With the passing days I started gaining a lot of weight, I grew love handles and my belly came out, I could not wear my old favorite dresses. I quit going to parties out of fear of being judged.

My love life was passing through severe problems; I was not getting any attention or compliments from my boyfriend anymore. He ditched me saying that he feels embarrassed whenever he walks with me, and I am not fit enough to be with him anymore.

As a consequence of gaining excessive weight I was bullied at my school too, they used to tease me by saying that I am not born to study but to do wrestling. I was shattered to the core and was going through severe mental health problems for Instance anxiety and depression.

It affected my studies too; I was no more than a bright student anymore which I was used to be because I was unable to concentrate on my studies. I also tried diet pills and joined a gym but due to the unavailability of a proper guideline, I did not lose any weight.

About The Product

This product consists of three important guides. When all three combine they make a complete product. This product has been designed by Matt Marshal, who is a professional trainer and has vast experience in power training.

  • The 10-3-X workout program. These different exercise routines help the user to lose weight properly.
  • The 60-second hormone fix gives a sound guide about how can one fix any hormone problems that any user might have.
  • Lastly, there are ageless abs, this product enables you to develop a washboard stomach regardless of your age.

My Experience

I lost 55 pounds in only 5 months, you will lose your weight in three different phases but for that, you have to strictly adhere to the given plan. Initially, I faced a lot of problems, and sometimes I did not want to do exercises but had convinced myself towards exercises. Now my life has become exquisite, I have become the top model and representative of my college too. I have started getting good grades too, now I am not afraid of going to parties and clubs.  My boyfriend not only loves me but feels proud of me too. Now, whenever I see or visit my friend I bow down before her because that was she who recommended me this product that changed my life.


I will recommend this program to all, everyone afflicted with this kind of issue must try this at least once, a good healthy body keeps you motivated towards your goal, so rather than wasting any time go for it.

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